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Solar Eclipse Tour to Chile & Argentina: July 2, 2019 Solar Eclipse

Tropical Sails Eclipse Tours, 2019




Nothing quite compares to the majesty of a total solar eclipse. This summer, the Total Solar Eclipse will be gracing the skies of the southern hemisphere with totality visible in parts of Chile and Argentina on July 2nd. Tropical Sales Corp, a longtime leader in solar eclipse travel,  has custom tailored a package to help you dive into the culture and atmosphere of South America.
Beginning in Buenos Aires, the tour begins June 28th, 2019 to July 7th, 2019. Guests have the opportunity to explore the city’s colonial architecture, tour wine country and make a trip to Iguazu. The tour is 10 days, nine nights plus an Iguazu option with the highlight being the total solar eclipse July 2, 2019.
A 4 night option from Santiago, Chile is also available with observing near La Serena, Chile: June 30 to July 4, 2019.


Included: 5 star lodging in Buenos Aires and Mendoza, and basic lodging in San Juan near the eclipse path, all breakfasts, most lunches and several dinners.


A total solar eclipse happens when the moon passes in front of the sun. Totality will last just a few minutes. At this time the moon will hang a black dot surrounded by the sun's corona. "The effect is phenomenal" according to Daniel Oppliger, President and Owner of Tropical Sails Corp. “Most people don't realize the sun has an atmosphere. During totality you can see it.”

Tropical Sails Corp offers family travel, cruises, river cruises, yacht charter & unique travel ideas. Established in 1990 they have taken over 1000 clients all over the globe on solar eclipse and astronomy related tours. Daniel Oppliger, the owner, has been to 52 countries. Tropical Sails Crop specializes in tall ship sailing cruises, river cruises, ocean cruises, China & Turkey, yacht charter in Turkey, group tours, resort packages, and solar eclipse travel.  





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