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Hiking Tour in Authentic Greek Islands
A unique hiking journey to two extremely beautiful but different Greek Islands.




Trekking Hellas is offering an 8 days/7 nights hiking tour to the Andros and Tinos Islands in Greece.


During the tour, guests explore magnificent paths and trails with breathtaking views. Discover traditional Greek villages, local craftsmen and the unique Cycladic architecture and history. Enjoy sandy beaches and beautiful sunsets.   
The Cyclades is a group of islands scattered over the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea, cooled in the summer by the ‘Meltemi’ wind. One of the most ancient European civilizations was born and prospered here:  the Cycladic civilization (3000-1000 BC).
Although some of the Cycladic Islands are famous to the tourist crowds and the international jet set, there are a few that are still left to be discovered, from travelers that are seeking authentic vacation experiences: Andros and Tinos are among them.


Andros  is the most northerly island of the Cyclades and the second largest after Naxos. Thanks to its water springs it’s irrigated with plentiful running water and thus verdant with a large numbers of olive trees, pines and fruit trees. Tinos, just one mile away, famous for its characteristic dovecotes, is full of picturesque villages and windmills. Tinos is today exactly what Delos Island was to believers in ancient times. Twice a year, on March 25th and August 15th, pilgrims inundate the island to visit the famous church of Virgin Mary (in Greek: Panagia).


Tour Dates: Open throughout the year
Cost: 785€/pp on self guided more
Rate Includes: 8 days / 7 nights accommodation in double rooms in selected accommodations with breakfast Lunch box on self guided mode during the hiking days All ferry tickets from/to Athens and from Andros to Tinos Return transfers from ports to hotels All necessary transfers for the hikes Self Guided  Service: welcome briefing, gpx files, maps and booklet, emergency phone support.
Tour Location: Greece, Andros & Tinos Islands
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About Trekking Hellas: Experience authentic, outdoor holidays in Greece, with specially designed guided or self-guided tours through your favorite activity, such as hiking, biking, sea kayaking, sailing, rafting, river trekking. Discover a different side of Greece, away from the touristy crowds. Culture authenticity seekers can explore a mythical place overwhelmed with history, visiting the Classic Greek monuments, the Acropolis, Delphi, Ancient Olympia, Mycenae or the remains of Cycladic and Minoan civilizations. Activities and nature lovers can discover a whole world of sheer excitement: hiking into volcanoes in Santorini, walking in the footpaths of ancient gods in Mt.Olympus, hiking in the pristine gorges of Crete or Epirus, climbing the breathtaking Meteora rocky pinnacles, or relaxing in the sandy beaches of Ionian Islands or Rhodes and Dodecanese Islands. Gastronomy enthusiasts can savor tempting local dishes prepared with pure produce and the secret ingredient of love, in the stone villages of the Peloponnese and the picturesque villages of Crete and Zagori.  







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