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Oaxaca Mezcal Tour of Traditional Distilleries (palenques)




Oaxaca, Mexico - Mezcal Distillery Tours Oaxaca: Learn, sample, and educate yourself about the culture of rural Oaxacan palenqueros (distillers) by taking the most un-touristy and real Mezcal tour imaginable. Throughout the Mezcal excursions meet the distillers and their families in their homes, appreciate the hard work which goes into making a bottle of Mezcal, and if so inclined buy at rock bottom prices. Opportunities to assist in production. Clay pot distillation (ancestral) and copper alembic more traditional stills (artisanal). The tour company is synonymous with all things agave, pulque and Mezcal in southern Mexico.


All Oaxaca Mezcal tours are fully customized to meet the passions, desires and interests of individuals, couples, business partners and groups. If  you want to learn about Mezcal, purchase at a fraction of retail prices you are accustomed to paying, then this is for you. These excursions are anywhere from a few hours in duration (the most popular being single day excursions to visit a number of artisanal factories, known in Oaxaca as palenques) up to weeklong vacation packages for the most ardent of spirits, fermented beverage, and Mexican cuisine aficionados. 

You don't have to be a spirits aficionado or a mezcal geek, or even much of a drinker, to find a tremendous amount of value in a Mezcal excursion.  In the course of a day they stress the cultural dimension of the artisanal distillers (palenqueros) and their families. Occasionally in groups of clients who accompany Alvin or Randall for a day, there are some who just want to learn about rural cultures, meet the people in their homes and workplaces, and of course still learn a little about "the big deal about Mezcal."
Tour Dates: inquire regarding availability
Cost: inquire about rates which depend on number of participants.
Rate Includes:

1) Pick up and drop off at your downtown lodging.
2) Snacks and bottled water throughout the day.
3) Sampling of about 30 mezcals throughout the day.
4) Visits to usually 4 - 6 palenques.
5) Opportunity to ask questions, interact with distillers and their families, photograph, with never any obligation to buy or provide gratuity.
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Company Profile: Mezcal authority Alvin Starkman (M.A., J.D.) has been a permanent resident of Oaxaca for 15 years. He has written over 40 articles about mezcal, other agave distillates, pulque and industry sustainability for both online and print magazines and newspapers. He is the author of the only high quality full color mezcal tasting wheel. His book, MEZCAL IN THE GLOBAL SPIRITS MARKET:  UNRIVALLED COMPLEXITY, INNUMERABLE NUANCES, was one of the first English language books about mezcal. He and associate Randall Stockton provide the most real, un-touristy, custom mezcal excursion imaginable, visiting the homes of ancestral and artisanal traditional distillers, with whom they have been nurturing relationships for decades in some cases. Mezcal Educational Excursions of Oaxaca believes in ethical tourism. We always give back to the community, and never receive commissions or other incentives to bring clients to a particular palenque. Inquire about our further qualifications and testimonials.





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Company: Mezcal Educational Excursions of Oaxaca