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A New Category is Born in Experiential Adventure Travel: Cycling Vacation for Photography Enthusiasts


Fully supported tours include moderate to challenging rides, photography stops in the morning or evening of each ride day, and rest days to shoot, relax, or review and edit images. All levels of photographers and riders are welcome.



Do you ride a bicycle for enjoyment or adventure? Do you practice or are you learning photography? Then you might appreciate the Cycling Vacation for Photography Tours organized by Intentionally Lost

The question that led Kevin Wenning of Intentionally Lost to craft his custom tours is one you may have asked yourself when deciding what to do on your next holiday - how can I experience a country from my bicycle and through my photography during the same trip?
Highlights of a cycling vacation plus photography tour:

  • Every location, cycling route, and daily stop is planned to maximize both time on the bike and time for photography.

  • All tours are fully supported plus a trusted guide looks after bikes and camera equipment at all times.

  • Your tour host (Kevin) personally plans and rides on every trip with you.

  • Group sizes are small on purpose to maximize photo education time, and for guests to connect personally with others in the group.

  • Balance is important. Expect moderate to challenging rides, photography stops in the morning or evening of each ride day, and rest days to photograph, relax, or edit images.

  • Locations are carefully scouted and chosen in part because they are not overdone by dozens of other cycling tours or photography workshops.

All levels of photographers and riders are welcome. You don't have to make photos that win awards or ride competitively to enjoy these trips. You should train before going on a trip, but you won't need so much recovery time that you can't enjoy the photo stops. Recreational cyclists will enjoy their days on the bike and still have energy to enjoy the time that is set aside for photography.
This is not a cycling tour where you breeze through tourist stops with a camera in your pocket and take some snapshots during lunch. Time is dedicated each day to explore unique locations with your camera and photo instruction with pro photographers is included. The most requested focus for instruction is on photo review and editing. While this is not a primary focus, most tours do have dedicated time in the schedule for photo review. Exploring and learning at your own pace is emphasized. The experience is designed to create a personal connection with the country, the cultures, and the terrain you are cycling through and photographing.
Instead of choosing whether to spend your holiday on a cycling vacation or on photography travel, combine them both into one trip. Ride for escape and adventure; not for stats or bragging rights. Return home with amazing new photos, and amazing new friends when you travel with people who share your passions for travel, cycling and photography.


Tour Rates: $3,000 to $6,000 USD


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