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Amazon Awakenings with Gordon Hempton




Join internationally acclaimed acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton in one of the wildest and most sonically beautiful places on Earth, the Amazon Rainforest. Explorer X's Amazon Awakenings program from June 3-16, 2019 promises to be an unforgettable opportunity that will reawaken travelers’ senses and reconnect them with one another, themselves, and Planet Earth.
Hempton, along with Amazon tribal Shaman Randy Borman and members of the indigenous Cofan tribe, will guide participants safely through the natural amphitheater of the Amazon Rainforest, interpret the natural history, share their knowledge of edible plants and animals, and share this rare, still-pristine natural world. By car, motor boat, canoe, and on foot, participants will progressively shed the modern world, gradually awakening their senses while discovering a rich jungle concert. Five-days in a jungle camp will conclude with an evening float trip down the Zabalo River with an acapella performance by recording artist Aida Shahghasemi, as insects weave complex rhythms and rainforest birds serenade day’s end.
“In my 38 years of traveling, the Cofan’s tribal land is as close to a world undisturbed as I’ve ever seen,” says Hempton. “The Zobalo river, at the spine of this journey, is truly one of the last great quiet places on Earth. Nature’s symphony has been evolving undisturbed here for millions of years and it is absolutely remarkable. Participants on this trip will discover new ways of listening and hearing.”
This is the first time that the public will have the opportunity to travel with Gordon Hempton. Learn more about him in a National Geographic short film here:
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About Gordon
Acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton has spent the past 40 years recording natural soundscapes in over 70 countries on Earth. Hempton’s recordings have been written about and reviewed in People, Time, Newsweek, NPR, PBS and more. He is the author of One Square Inch of Silence: One Man’s Quest to Preserve Quiet, (Free Press/Simon & Schuster, 2010) with co-author John Grossmann. The book underscores his passion for protecting Earth’s few remaining silent havens from noise pollution. His work in the wildest places on Earth has transformed him from nature listener to nature spokesperson. He is the recipient of an Emmy Award for individual achievement in sound.
About Explorer X
Based in Seattle, Explorer X inspires people to transform their lives and create real change in the world through handcrafted, consciously-designed, and fully-engaged travel experiences. Their custom travel experiences and small group adventures feature some of the world's most incredible destinations and landscapes and venture into its most amazing and unique cultures. Their journeys challenge travelers to get curious, putting them face-to-face with contemporary issues and ancient truths while experiencing a journey unlike any other. Explorer X believes that travel is the ultimate tool for growth, learning, and global citizenry, and should inspire purposeful action.


Tour Dates: June 3-16, 2019
Cost: 4,485.00 USD
Tour Location: Ecuador, Amazon basin


What's included:
All experiences, meals, transportation and accommodations including rustic cabins and tents
Our in-depth Explorer X Wayfinder Packet to help you prepare emotionally and physically
Audio Album with group cover photo of listening experiences
Video documentary of their transformation as individual (group is background) to share with family and friends.
Educational listening sessions with Emmy-award winning acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton
Sacred wisdom and knowledge of the jungle with Cofan chief and shaman Randy Borman 
Donation to Cofan Survival Fund
Not included:
Transportation to/from Quito
Travel insurance
Ecuadorian visa (requirements vary by country)
Expenses of a personal nature


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