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Augustine Tours

Augustine Tours was founded with a unique aim to provide private tailor-made tours and corporate travel to Africa. Inspired by St. Augustine” The World is a book and those who don’t travel only read one page,” we believe that travel can be a great channel for both educational, cultural and business exchange.


Sunkissed Vacations

Since 2003, Sunkissed Vacations has been creating one-of-a-kind vacation experiences for couples and families Their agents visit multiple destinations every year, exploring resort after resort, making note of the pros and cons of each, so they can come back and share this valuable information with their clients.


Champagne Tour
The Champagne Tour Co has been offering unrivalled experience and expertise in arranging private day and overnight tours in Champagne for nearly 20 years and appeal to a wide range of clientele, from first-time visitors to oenophiles. Tours depart from Paris, Reims or Charles de Gaulle airport with English-speaking, friendly, guides and have exceptional experience and knowledge of the vineyards, cellars and local area.


Robert Day Travel
Robert Day's Japan Tours focus on providing unique experiences of Japanese architecture, art, and design. Because attention to good design is pervasive in Japanese culture we believe that this is a perfect way to experience aspects of Japanese life from unusual and exciting perspectives. A rice-paper scroll, a tea ceremony, a Zen temple rock garden, an ancient shrine - even a plate of Sushi all have something in common, they are all saturated with a culture-wide attention to the good, the true and the beautiful. Our Japan Tours travel to Tokyo, Kyoto and other nearby places seeking out interesting architecture, great art, great food and other wonderful cultural experiences.


Voyage Charters

Voyage Charters is a luxury, boutique style, yacht charter company based in the British Virgin Islands. For 25 years we have offered sailing vacations aboard our fleet of purpose built VOYAGE catamarans in one of the most beautiful locations in the Caribbean. We have been at the forefront of establishing catamarans as the "go to" vessel" for chartering and continue to lead the way with the recent introduction of electric vessels. Our yachts are designed for comfort, luxury and sailing performance combining to provide the ultimate on water vacation for up to 14 guests. We offer All Inclusive Crewed charters, Captain Only charters and Bareboat charters. We also specialize in Group and Corporate charters.


Absolute Zambia Safaris

Absolute Zambia Safaris is an Owner – Managed Travel, Tours and Safari company based in Zambia. We started the company after travelling extensively around the beautiful country Zambia. During numerous visits from different African countries, we have developed our passion for this wonderful country and we decided to share our love, passion, experience for Zambia and Africa with other travellers. We specialize in Tailor Made and Private Guided Safaris for Zambia and the rest of Southern Africa; Malawi, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa & Zimbabwe.


Hope Treks

At Hope Treks, we believe in doing the right thing and passing on the good karma to you, our client. In addition to funding medical research for the world’s most devastating and terminal childhood disease, we also practice responsible and green tourism through treading very lightly in the mountains and the countryside of Nepal. We make every effort to minimize negative social, economic and environmental impacts on the places we travel. We are committed to paying a living wage to our Nepalese guides and porters who, in the past, have often worked for as little as $10 a day. We ensure that they have proper, safe clothing and gear, as well as insurance.


Mezcal Educational Tours

Mezcal authority Alvin Starkman (M.A., J.D.) has been a permanent resident of Oaxaca for 15 years. He has written over 40 articles about mezcal, other agave distillates, pulque and industry sustainability for both online and print magazines and newspapers. He is the author of the only high quality full color mezcal tasting wheel. He and associate Randall Stockton provide the most real, un-touristy, custom mezcal excursion imaginable, visiting the homes of ancestral and artisanal traditional distillers, with whom they have been nurturing relationships for decades in some cases.


Mountain Kick

Mountain Kick is a Kathmandu-based trip operator and we organise adventure sports, trekking and sightseeing trips all over Nepal. We believe that a true Himalayan adventure is a blend of endurance in general and a healthy dose of thrill in particular. We attempt at making your holiday just that. We are a team of travelling enthusiasts ourselves and after years of exploring the Himalayas we like to believe that we know our way around the mountains and can share the “kick” that enthralled us with you. Although Mountain Kick is just a startup , all of us have done this for long enough to see what the Himalayas had to offer beyond commercial holiday packages to carve a niche for ourselves. The Himalayas never fail to inspire.


Explorer X
Based in Seattle, Explorer X inspires people to transform their lives and create real change in the world through handcrafted, consciously-designed, and fully-engaged travel experiences. Their custom travel experiences and small group adventures feature some of the world's most incredible destinations and landscapes and venture into its most amazing and unique cultures. Their journeys challenge travelers to get curious, putting them face-to-face with contemporary issues and ancient truths while experiencing a journey unlike any other. Explorer X believes that travel is the ultimate tool for growth, learning, and global citizenry, and should inspire purposeful action.


JazzFest at Sea

“JazzFest at Sea is a truly unique cruise experience that brings together jazz lovers from around the world to hear amazing jazz performances, while also getting to enjoy an 11-night cruise vacation,” said Wayne Peyreau, Regional Vice President of Sales, MSC Cruises. “We’re proud to be able to work with JazzFest at Sea to host this group yet again aboard MSC Cruises. The group continues to grow in popularity and receives extremely positive feedback.”


Indus Travels

Indus Travels specializes in small group  “UNBUNDELED” tours and independent vacations to over 50 worldwide destinations, featuring unbeatable prices with unparalleled comfort. Our tour packages are custom-crafted to deliver unique experiences, and we consistently offer exceptional value to our guests. Our expert Travel Planners take care of all the details of your itinerary, so all you need to do is relax and enjoy your vacation. Indus Travels has been awarded Best Tour Operator to India five times, and was also been named the Top Tour operator at South African Tourism's Ubuntu Awards in 2015.


Experience authentic, outdoor holidays in Greece, with specially designed guided or self-guided tours through your favorite activity, such as hiking, biking, sea kayaking, sailing, rafting, river trekking. Culture authenticity seekers can explore a mythical place overwhelmed with history, visiting the Classic Greek monuments, the Acropolis, Delphi, Ancient Olympia, Mycenae or the remains of Cycladic and Minoan civilizations. Discover a whole world of sheer excitement: hiking into volcanoes in Santorini, walking in the footpaths of ancient gods in Mt. Olympus, hiking in the pristine gorges of Crete or Epirus, or relaxing in the sandy beaches of Ionian Islands or Rhodes and Dodecanese Islands.


Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands
Our goal is to introduce you to the many beautiful locations we know here in Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. While showing you around, we will do your best to teach you how to take better photographs, to skillfully use your camera and equipment, and give you some post-processing tips. On top of that, we want you to learn something new about the culture and history of the country you are visiting. To have a lot of fun, appreciate great food and in the end, have a memory that you will want to share with others. The Workshops we host are mainly based in Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. We offer all-inclusive tours where you stay at 99% of the time in hotels and guesthouses with private bathrooms. 
G. K. Majestic Trek is a special trekking and travel agency in Nepal and welcomes you to our incredible country. Nepal is home to 8 of the 14 highest peaks in the world with altitudes of over 8000m, including Mt. Everest. Nepal is also renowned for its ancient history, cultures, tradition and natural splendor which make Nepal an idyllic and unique destination to visit. We also have a wide range of the most popular travel and adventure options including hiking, rock climbing, trekking, mountaineering, peak climbing, kayaking, wildlife safari, rafting, mountain biking, sightseeing, para-gliding and much more. For these activities, Nepal’s gorgeous beauty of the Himalayas, lakes, rivers, flowers, and fauna is an outstanding feature. 
We specialize in small group or private adventure tours for every kind of customer. Whether you are planning your own self-drive holiday around Iceland, bringing your best friend on a horseback riding tour, plan to explore wild nature off the beaten tracks on foot or just want to have a fun weekend trip in Reykjavik. You can book everything through us. We offer a great variety of handpicked tours around Iceland. We select and hand-pick our partners focusing on quality, animal welfare and social responsibility. We also take pride in personal service, small groups, professional guides, ​wonderful genuine Icelandic food.
Located in the historic capital city of Quito, Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental is the country’s first motorcycle tour operator, founded in 2009. Working with local, professional guides they design and outfit tours for adventure enthusiasts who wish to explore Ecuador's hidden gems. They are proud to offer South America's largest selection of rental motorcycles, all available with a low-price guarantee. Their rapidly-growing fleet of 4x4 vehicles from VW, Jeep and Ford that are toughened with offroad suspensions, snorkels, lighting systems and other gear to make them ready for your next adventure anywhere in Ecuador.
Women Traveling the World was established to cater to the many women who enjoy traveling but don’t always have a Travel companion. We all know traveling is more fun with someone else or, even better, a small group of like-minded ladies. So what better than to join a single women’s travel group? Many women want to travel but either don’t have a companion, time to plan, or know how to get the best itinerary. Forget the big bus tours with hordes of people. We don’t just book a trip to a destination; we put great thought and planning into each itinerary to offer a unique experience at each destination. We cater to small groups or 12 – 14 ladies so we can get to know each more intimately on our journeys. Our Custom built tours keep the Woman in mind using unique and quality hotels, offering inspiring experiences and activities while blending a tailored journey of a life time.