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20th Village Renaissance Faire- A Faire for a Cause, Wrightstown, PA





The 20th Village Renaissance Faire- A Faire for a Cause, will take place September 14 & 15 at the Middletown Grange Fairgrounds, 576 Penns Park Rd., Wrightstown, PA 18940. All proceeds will benefit the Village Library of Wrightstown.  


The 20th Annual Village Renaissance Faire creates an interactive world where attendees of all ages take an entertaining, educational, and engaging stroll through the arts and history. Faire goers encounter jousting knights, dangling aerialists, and flying birds of prey. Shows and activities cover a range of ages and interests and surround the faireways, on the stages and all around. Performers bring literature to life throughout the day with shows and fairground encounters based on a new storyline each year. Danger shows feature a working trebuchet, living chess, archery matches, and fire shows. For the music lover, there are dancers, musicians, and madrigals at every turn.
There will be free children's crafts, a kids kingdom, Gnome Depot, puppetry, marionettes, story-telling and children’s shows, there are plenty of fine artisans featuring clothing, jewelry, pottery, and giftware to browse. Visiting historians are treated to our large living history square and working artisans featuring blacksmithing, glassworking, woodworking, and fencing demonstrations.
Roaming wizards magic will again reign supreme, as they have brought nature to life.  Trees will walk the Faireways and wishes will be granted by Harry McNoggin and his wheelbarreling trunk show.  Don miss the wishing tree, anything is possible at the Village Faire. The Penns Woods Puppet Theatre and their version of Rumplestiltskin have been added, including exploding cannons an one life-size puppet.
A half-dozen musical ensembles performs through-out the fairegrounds.  Pirates of Fortune’s Folly, a landlubbers port with two climbable ships, two shipwrecks, a port of call, encampment and pirate ship stage, and wizardry escapes so magical that dragons fly across the grounds and unicorns appear and stroll the grounds this year.   Village Players grace the faireways with rat catching, chicken chasing, popcorn theatre and other mystical plays, all without a license, so they must watch out for marshall law.  There will be musical songs, tree wishes, Trunk Shows Story-theatre where they are part of the show.   
Now in its 20th chapter, the original story-line aptly named living literature, underscores the faire charitable cause- the Village Library of Wrightstown. This year again has an original adaption created especially for its guests-- in three part harmony.  Merlin, dont mistake him for his wandering whimsical brother, Mylin recounts three tales of the Round Table to a young Squire Thomas Mallory to teach him the virtues of chivalry, and that being a knight is not all it’s cracked up to be: 
The Tale of Gawain and the Green Knight – Gawain takes up the challenge of the strange Green Knight in order to spare Arthur and his court from dishonor.  But has until sun down to figure out the riddle of the Lady Ragnellin order to save himself from certain doom. 
The Tale of Sir Brunor – Young Sir Brunor arrives with his mortally wounded father Sir Meliot only to learn that the wound is cursed by the sorceress Hellewes to never close.  Now he must face a series of trials throughout the day in order to get the holy artifacts to save his father. 
The Tale of Tristan  – Sir Galleron the Morholt and Sir Tristan are the best of friends but duty and honor will pit them against one another as the Queen of Ireland and King Mark of Cornwall settle an age old rivalry. 
The Three stories converge as the defeated Queen of Ireland and the sorceress Hellewes join forces to over throw those who have beaten them.
Do not be surprised if you are a willing audience member, that you too can be part of the show as many shows call for, encourage, and if necessary, are not above begging for audience participation.  You could be knighted, a pawn i Do not be surprised if you are a willing audience member, that you too can be part of the show as many shows call for, encourage, and if necessary, are not above begging for audience participation.  You could be knighted, a pawn in a human chess match, approached along the faireways as cast members roam the grounds through-out the day.  There is a new show, the Renaissance Improv by UNscripted Production players that allow the audience to decide the path of each and everyone of their shows.  If you come donned in modern attire but wish to change your stars, you can at the Village Renaissance Faire not just encourages all to come in costume, or but allows attendees to borrow loaner garb for free.   
The Fun for all is not yet over, as all ages can enjoy our medieval gaming glen, thrown weapons, Fight-a-Knight booth, pony and carriage rides, a royal petting zoo, and so much more. When the need for a rest overtakes our guests, they can enjoy a festive turkey leg while listening to music at our covered lyrical stage or gazing upon our annual heraldry display. From the welcome one receives from our players at the opening of the gate, to all of the activities and shows, an enjoyable day is sure to be had. The Faire averages over 9,000 attendees, and always has more stages, activities and space to welcome you into the family this year.  The faire is limited to one weekend every September, so come this September 14 & 15, and find out what thousands before you have discovered and returned to year after year – that once you attend you will always come back....HUZZAH!!!!! 
WHEN: Sept 14 & 15, 11:00-6:00 p.m. daily
WHERE: Middletown Grange Fairgrounds, 576 Penns Park Road, Wrightstown, PA 18940
ADMISSION: Adults $10; Students still just $5.00; under 5 free with paying adult. FREE parking.
SUSPEND DISBELIEF this September and be entertained by hundreds of performers every half hour on our ten stages. The Village Faire is designed to entertain, educate, and involve visitors of all ages.
Armored Horseback Jousting
Flying Birds of Prey @ High NOON & 4:00 p.m.
Aerialist shows every hour
A walking tree, roaming wishes, and pyrates of fortune’s folly LIVING LITERATURE-We are on the Same Side Human Chess, Archery, Historical Demos Puppetry, Juggling & Comedy Live Music, Theatre, & Dancing Steele Cavalier fencing lists, demos, lessons, and foam weaponry fun for young Children’s Quest, Dragon sized Games, Kids’ Kingdom Human Flail & Merlin’s World of Captured Aire Petting Zoo, Carriage & Pony Rides Crafts, Games & Inflatables Whats new this year?  As always, a lot:
Mylins –Merlin’s whimsical counterpart—magic, science or something else Renaissance Improv by UNscripted Productions Harry McNoggin Tree Wishes & Trunk Shows Lord Oakheart Giant Walking Trees Gypsey Funk Squad
For more information call 267-304-8060, email,  or go to
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Media Contact: Ken Hone
Company: Village Library of Wrightstown
Phone: 267-304-8060