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44th National Old Time Country Music Festival and Ag Expo, Fremont, Nebraska





The 44th National Old Time Country Music Festival and Ag Expo will be taking place October 3-4-5-6, 2019 at the Christiansen Field House, 400 E. Military Ave., Fremont, NE 68025. Admission: $20 per person per day or 4-days for $70 (under 17 free)
Ken Burns 16-hour documentary of American country music produced a prodigious amount of information many people had no idea lay behind the life expectancy of any kind of music, much less America's country music.

According to Bob Everhart, President of the National Traditional Country Music Association. for the past 44 years, "We will continue where Ken Burns left off on the documentary of country music, as a matter of fact one of his major contributors was Jeannie Seely from the Grand Ole Opry. She is our very special guest during the 44th National Old Time Country Music Festival at the Christensen Field House in Fremont, Nebraska October 3-4-5-6, 2019.

"We began this event in 1976 in an attempt to keep early traditional country music alive in the upper Midwest.  We have somewhat prevailed, but there is still a lot of work to be done with regards to where the music goes from here.  We hope that those in Nashville that insist that the fiddle and steel guitar no longer belong in 'country' music, need to realize that 'rural' America listeners insist that it remain. These two instruments, as well as other musical instruments of early country music, and over 200 participating musicians, will spend 9am to 11:30pm for four days, on three stages, exploring the many attributes of what America's 'real' country music is all about.  Much of it lies with the songwriters themselves. We make every effort to honor original songwriters at this event, and have done so for 44 years. One songwriter who has gained a strong following in the upper Midwest, is Terry Smith who will be with us all four days. He is the composer of "The Far Side Banks of  Jordan" the signature song of Johnny & June Carter Cash. Joining him in providing insight into what country music has been, and where it is going, is Gail Davies one of the most proficient writers in Nashville.  Along with Randall Franks who made a name for himself in television playing a deputy to Carol Connor "In The Heat of the Night," is also a champion fiddler from Georgia.

"We want to acknowledge the incredible contributions songwriters have made to early country music, from the very beginning when A. P. Carter attached his name to the old songs he collected in the Appalachian Mountains.  If he had not done this, those songs would have all fallen by the wayside.

"My wife Sheila and I record music for the Smithsonian Institution.  We have six albums, all of them contain our original music. It's in these little hidden sources that diamonds are usually found.  We also have a website that helps us maintain our Pioneer Music Museum, and the Rural Roots Music Commission who make CD of the Year awards to deserving music makers.


Bob & Shelia Everhart


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