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USA & International Travel Magazines
(online & print)
Travel - General: Weekend
Travel - General: Wanderlust
Travel - General: Voyageur
Travel - General: Virtuoso Life
Travel - General: Vintage Magazine
Travel - General: VIA
Travel - General: Vacations
Travel - General: Trips and Journeys
Travel - General: Traveltips
Travel - General: travelgirl
Travel - General: Traveler's India
Travel - General: Travel Smart
Travel - General: Travel Savvy
Travel - General: Travel Itch
Travel - General: Travel America
Travel - General: Travel & Leisure
Travel - General: Transitions Abroad
Travel - General: Time Out Worldwide
Travel - General:
Travel - General: The Travel Society Magazine
Travel - General: Sunday Times Travel Magazine
Travel - General: Student Traveler
Travel - General: South American Explorer
Travel - General: Sherman's Travel Magazine
Travel - General: Sherman's Travel
Travel - General: Russian Life
Travel - General: Route 66 Magazine
Travel - General: Romantic Traveling
Travel - General: Romantic Destinations
Travel - General: Ritz Carlton Magazine
Travel - General: Puget Sound Journey
Travel - General: Prestige New York
Travel - General: Postcards
Travel - General: Pilot Getaways
Travel - General: World Hum
Travel - General: Westways Magazine
Travel - General: Western Journey
Travel - General: West Coast Families
Travel - General: Perceptive Travel
Travel - General: Pathfinders Travel
Travel - General: Paris Notes
Travel - General: Ohio Motorist
Travel - General: Odyssey
Travel - General: Nights
Travel - General: NAVIGO
Travel - General: National Geographic Traveler
Travel - General: Magazine of La Cucina Italiana
Travel - General: Long Weekends Magazine
Travel - General: Literary Traveler
Travel - General: La Belle France
Travel - General: Journeys Hartford
Travel - General: Islands
Travel - General: Interval World
Travel - General: International Travel News
Travel - General: International Railway Trvl
Travel - General: InsideOut Travel Magazine
Travel - General: Inn Traveler
Travel - General: Home & Away
Travel - General: Healthy Living Today
Travel - General: Go World Travel
Travel - General: Go NOMAD
Travel - General: GO Magazine
Travel - General: German Life
Travel - General: France Today
Travel - General: Executive Traveler
Travel - General: Everywhere
Travel - General: Endless Vacation
Travel - General: Discover the Ultimate Magazine
Travel - General: Discerning Traveler
Travel - General: Culture and Travel Magazine
Travel - General: Country Connection
Travel - General: Connecticut Traveler
Travel - General: Conde Nast Traveler
Travel - General: Car & Travel
Travel - General: Capper's
Travel - General: Canadian Traveller
Travel - General: Business Traveller UK
Travel - General: Business Jet Traveler
Travel - General: Budget Travel
Travel - General: Broughton Quarterly
Travel - General: British Heritage Magazine
Travel - General: Brave New Traveler
Travel - General: Big World
Travel - General: Belize First
Travel - General: Baja Life
Travel - General: ASU Travel Guide
Travel - General: Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel
Travel - General: Arrive
Travel - General: Americas Magazine
Travel - General: American Profile
Travel - General: Afar Magazine
Travel - General: AAA World
Travel - General: AAA Living
Travel - General: AAA Living
Travel - General: AAA Horizons
Travel - General: AAA Going Places
Travel - General: AAA Arizona Highroads
Travel - General: 2: The Magazine for Couples
Travel General: Fido Friendly
Travel Agents: Group Tour Magazine
Travel Agents: TravelAge West
Travel Agents: Travel World News
Travel Agents: Travel Weekly
Travel Agents: Travel Trade
Travel Agents: Travel Agent Magazine
Travel Agents: Star Service
Travel Agents: Recommend
Travel Agents: Meetings West
Travel Agents: Leisure Group Travel
Travel Agents: Jax Fax Travel Marketing
Travel Agents: Byways
Travel - Women's: Working Mother
Travel - Women's: Woman's World
Travel - Women's: Woman's Day
Travel - Women's: Road & Travel
Travel - Women's: Red
Travel - Women's: Organic Beauty
Travel - Women's: Odyssey Couleur
Travel - Women's: Observer Playground
Travel - Women's: More
Travel - Women's: Latina
Travel - Women's: Ladies Home Journal
Travel - Women's: Hearts of the Country
Travel - Women's: Good Housekeeping
Travel - Women's: Gladys Magazine
Travel - Women's: Get Married Magazine
Travel - Women's: Family Circle
Travel - Women's: Factio Magazine
Travel - Women's: Essence
Travel - Women's: Elle Canada
Travel - Women's: Cosmopolitan
Travel - Women's: ColoradoView Magazine
Travel - Women's: Chatelaine
Travel - Women's: Breathe
Travel - Women's: Azizah
Travel - Women's: All You
Travel - Women's: Air Macau
Travel - Seniors: Where to Retire
Travel - Seniors: Midwest Traveler
Travel - Seniors: Mature Years
Travel - Seniors: Mature Living
Travel - Seniors: Group Travel Leader
Travel - Seniors: Grand Magazine
Travel - Seniors: ELDR Magazine
Travel - Seniors: CARP Magazine
Travel - Seniors: AARP, The Magazine
Travel - Miscellaneous: Trailer Life Magazine
Travel - Miscellaneous: Thoroughbred Times
Travel - Miscellaneous: The Trail Rider
Travel - Miscellaneous: Shutterbug
Travel - Miscellaneous: Senior Spectrum
Travel - Miscellaneous: RANGE magazine
Travel - Miscellaneous: Private Islands Magazine
Travel - Miscellaneous: Ode
Travel - Miscellaneous: Mountain Living
Travel - Miscellaneous: Mercedes Magazine
Travel - Miscellaneous: Living Without
Travel - Miscellaneous: Lighthouse Digest
Travel - Miscellaneous: Journal Plus Magazine
Travel - Miscellaneous: Instinct Magazine
Travel - Miscellaneous: In Buona Salute Magazine
Travel - Miscellaneous: Homeschooling Today
Travel - Miscellaneous: Front Desk: New York
Travel - Miscellaneous: Four Seasons
Travel - Miscellaneous: Flying Adventures
Travel - Miscellaneous: Fifty Something Magazine
Travel - Miscellaneous: Empire Builder Magazine
Travel - Miscellaneous: Connecting: Solo Travel News
Travel - Miscellaneous: CESSNA OWNER
Travel - Men's: Urban METRO
Travel - Men's: The Men's Book
Travel - Men's: Men's Journal
Travel - Men's: Men's Health
Travel - Men's: Men's Fitness
Travel - Inflight: yeahbaby
Travel - Inflight: WorldTraveler
Travel - Inflight: WizzIt
Travel - Inflight: Wild Blue Yonder
Travel - Inflight: Voyager UK
Travel - Inflight: VERVE Magazine
Travel - Inflight: Velocity
Travel - Inflight: US Airways
Travel - Inflight: up! magazine
Travel - Inflight: Tiger Tales
Travel - Inflight: The Australian Way
Travel - Inflight: Thai Vision
Travel - Inflight: SWISS
Travel - Inflight: STRATOS Magazine
Travel - Inflight: Sterling
Travel - Inflight: Spirit of Aloha
Travel - Inflight: Spirit
Travel - Inflight: Spiceroute
Travel - Inflight: Southwest Spirit
Travel - Inflight: Smile
Travel - Inflight: Skywriting
Travel - Inflight: Skyways
Travel - Inflight: Skyward
Travel - Inflight: SkyLines
Travel - Inflight: Skylights
Travel - Inflight: SkyEurope Magazine
Travel - Inflight: Sky West Magazine
Travel - Inflight: Sky Couch
Travel - Inflight: Sky
Travel - Inflight: Silver Kris
Travel - Inflight: Silkwinds
Travel - Inflight: Silk Road
Travel - Inflight: Sights
Travel - Inflight: Ryanair Magazine
Travel - Inflight: PrivatAir
Travel - Inflight: Priority
Travel - Inflight: Open Skies
Travel - Inflight: Northwest WorldTraveler
Travel - Inflight: Nexos
Travel - Inflight: MyMidwest
Travel - Inflight: Muhibah
Travel - Inflight: Mabuhay
Travel - Inflight: Lufthansa Magazin
Travel - Inflight: Latitudes
Travel - Inflight: KrisWorld
Travel - Inflight: Jetstar Magazine
Travel - Inflight: JetAway
Travel - Inflight: J Magazine
Travel - Inflight: Horizon Air
Travel - Inflight: Hong Kong Airlines
Travel - Inflight: Holland Herald
Travel - Inflight: High Life
Travel - Inflight: Hemispheres
Travel - Inflight: Hana Hou!
Travel - Inflight: Go: Air Tran Inflight Magazine
Travel - Inflight: Go magazine
Travel - Inflight: Germanwings Magazine
Travel - Inflight: Freebie
Travel - Inflight: Flydoscope
Travel - Inflight: First Life
Travel - Inflight: Fah Thai
Travel - Inflight: ExpressLane
Travel - Inflight: Explore
Travel - Inflight: Easyjet Inflight Magazine
Travel - Inflight: Dynasty
Travel - Inflight: Discovery
Travel - Inflight: Diganto
Travel - Inflight: Continental
Travel - Inflight: CONNECT
Travel - Inflight: Changi Class
Travel - Inflight: Celebrated Living
Travel - Inflight: Caribbean Beat
Travel - Inflight: CARA
Travel - Inflight: b there!
Travel - Inflight: b spirit!
Travel - Inflight: American Way
Travel - Inflight: Alaska Airlines Magazine
Travel - Inflight: Air France Magazine
Travel - Health & Fitness: Yoga Journal
Travel - Health & Fitness: Women's Running
Travel - Health & Fitness: Women's Health & Fitness
Travel - Health & Fitness: Whole Life Times
Travel - Health & Fitness: Stroke Smart
Travel - Health & Fitness: Spa
Travel - Health & Fitness: Shape Magazine
Travel - Health & Fitness: Shape
Travel - Health & Fitness: Runner's World
Travel - Health & Fitness: Rocky Mountain Sports
Travel - Health & Fitness: MetroSports Magazine
Travel - Health & Fitness: Luxury Spa Finder
Travel - Health & Fitness: Health Magazine
Travel - Health & Fitness: Great Health Magazine
Travel - Health & Fitness: Fitness Plus
Travel - Health & Fitness: Fitness Magazine
Travel - Health & Fitness: Competitor
Travel - Health & Fitness: American Fitness
Travel - Food & Wine: Wine X
Travel - Food & Wine: Wine Spectator
Travel - Food & Wine: Wine Enthusiast
Travel - Food & Wine: Wine & Spirits
Travel - Food & Wine: Touring and Tasting
Travel - Food & Wine: Taste of the South Magazine
Travel - Food & Wine: Saveur
Travel - Food & Wine: Northwest Palate
Travel - Food & Wine: Mutineer Magazine
Travel - Food & Wine: Louisiana Cookin'
Travel - Food & Wine: Intermezzo
Travel - Food & Wine: Imbibe
Travel - Food & Wine: Gourmet
Travel - Food & Wine: Food & Wine
Travel - Food & Wine: Fiery Foods and Barbecue Magazine
Travel - Food & Wine: Every Day with Rachael Ray
Travel - Food & Wine: Epicurean Traveler
Travel - Food & Wine: Eating Well
Travel - Food & Wine: Drinks Magazine
Travel - Food & Wine: Drink Me Magazine
Travel - Food & Wine: DRAFT Magazine
Travel - Food & Wine: Delight Gluten Free Magazine
Travel - Food & Wine: Cooking Light
Travel - Food & Wine: Chile Pepper Magazine
Travel - Food & Wine: Bon Appetit
Travel - Family: Wondertime
Travel - Family: South Florida Parenting
Travel - Family: Parents
Travel - Family: Parenting
Travel - Family: Northwest Baby and Child
Travel - Family: Military Officers Magazine
Travel - Family: MetroKids
Travel - Family: Metro Parent Magazine
Travel - Family: Kids LA Magazine
Travel - Family: Family Travel Fun
Travel - Family: Family Getaways
Travel - Family: Family Fun
Travel - Family: Family Energy
Travel - Family: Family
Travel - Family: Cookie
Travel - Family: Child
Travel - Family: Catholic Forester
Travel - Family: Big Apple Parent
Travel - Business: Texas Meetings & Events
Travel - Business: Resort + Recreation Magazine
Travel - Business: Northwest Meetings and Events
Travel - Business: InsideFlyer
Travel - Business: Frequent Flyer
Travel - Business: Executive Travel
Travel - Business: Corp.Meetings & Incentives
Travel - Business: Business Traveler
Travel - Affluent: Upscale Magazine
Travel - Affluent: Town & Country
Travel - Affluent: Stratos Magazine
Travel - Affluent: Robb Report
Travel - Affluent: Private Clubs
Travel - Affluent: Physicians' Travel & Mtg.
Travel - Affluent: Onboard Media
Travel - Affluent: Military Spouse
Travel - Affluent: Gentry
Travel - Affluent: France Magazine
Travel - Affluent: Entree
Travel - Affluent: Elite Traveler
Travel - Affluent: Departures
Travel - Affluent: Country Living
Travel - Affluent: Bank Travel Management
Travel - Affluent: AZ Foothills
Travel - Adventure/Tours: Women's Adventure
Travel - Adventure/Tours: Women's Adventure
Travel - Adventure/Tours: Superior Outdoors
Travel - Adventure/Tours: Specialty Travel Index
Travel - Adventure/Tours: Sierra
Travel - Adventure/Tours: Scuba Diving
Travel - Adventure/Tours: Paddler Magazine
Travel - Adventure/Tours: Outside
Travel - Adventure/Tours: National Geographic Adventure
Travel - Adventure/Tours: GORP
Travel - Adventure/Tours: Climbing
Travel - Adventure/Tours: Backpacker Magazine
Travel - Adventure/Tours: Adventure Travel Trade Association 
Travel - Adventure/Tours: Action Asia
Travel - Adventure/Tours: 21st Century Adventures
Sports: Women's Cycling
Sports: Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine
Sports: SportsTravel Magazine
Sports: She Pedals: The Journal of Women Cycling
Sports: Pacific Coast Sportfishing
Sports: Great Lakes Golf Magazine
Sports: Golf Today Magazine
Sports: Fit Yoga
Sports: Fairways and Greens
Sports: Cycle California! Magazine
Sports: Cross Country Skier
Sports: Climbing Magazine
Sports: Canadian Running
Sports: Backroads Magazine
Sports: African American Golfer's Digest
Sports: Adventure Cyclist Magazine
Ski: Skiing
Ski: Ski Magazine
Ski: Powder
Salt Water Fishing, Boating: Salt Water Sportsman
Recreation/Conservation In Northeast U.S.: AMC Outdoors
Outdoors: Wave Length Magazine
Outdoors: Walk About Magazine
Outdoors: The Country Connection Magazine
Outdoors: Surfer Magazine
Outdoors: Spirit of the North Magazine
Outdoors: RV Life
Outdoors: RoadBike Magazine
Outdoors: Outdoor Life
Outdoors: Mountain Sports + Living Magazine
Outdoors: Mississippi/Louisiana Game & Fish
Outdoors: Fishing Facts
Outdoors: Fishing and Hunting News
Outdoors: Explore Magazine
Outdoors: Camping Life
Outdoors: Blue Ridge Outdoors
Outdoors: Adventure Journey
Outdoors: Adirondack Life Magazine
Nature: Wildlife Conservation
Nature: Wild Bird Magazine
Nature: Smithsonian
Nature: Nature Photographer
Nature: Nature Conservancy Magazine
Nature: Natural History Magazine
Nature: National Wildlife Magazine
Nature: National Parks
Nature: E Environmental Magazine
Nature: California Wild
Nature: Birder's World
Nature: Bird Watcher's Digest
Nature: Audubon
Nature: American Forests
Nature, Camping, Travel: Western RV News & Recreation
Membership - Association: Zoomer
Membership - Association: Virginia Golfer Magazine
Membership - Association: The History Channel Magazine
Membership - Association: The Costco Connection
Membership - Association: One+
Membership - Association: National Parks Magazine
Membership - Association: Military Officer Magazine
Membership - Association: Gold Prospectors
Membership - Association: Experience Life
Membership - Association: Destinations
Membership - Association: Aviation for Women
Membership - Association: Americas
Membership - Association: American Spirit
Membership - Association: American Motorcyclist
Membership - Association: AARP The Magazine
Lifestyle: Rider Magazine
Lifestyle: Plenty
Lifestyle: Coastal Living
Inflight - Canada: EnRoute
Home: Romantic Homes
Home: Modern
Home: Martha Stewart Living
Home: House & Garden
Home: Early American Life
Home: Country Home
Home: Colorado Homes & Lifestyles
Home: Canadian Home Trends
Home: Canadian Home & Country
Home: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles
Home: Arabella
History: Wild West
History: Pennsylvania Heritage
History: Legacy
History: Civil War Times
History: America's Civil War
History: American Road
History: American History
History: American Heritage
History, Travel: Preservation
Golf: Travel & Leisure Golf
Golf: The Golfer
Golf: Score Golf
Golf: LINKS-The Best of Golf
Golf: Golf Magazine
Golf: Golf for Women
Golf: Golf Digest
Golf: Golf Connoisseur
Foreign: Wingspan, All Nippon Air
Foreign: Traveller
Foreign: Mabuhay Magazine
Foreign: Kansai Time Out
Foreign: International Living
Foreign: Emphasis Media
Foreign: CNN Traveller
Fishing: Western Outdoors
Fishing: Sport Fishing Magazine
Fishing: Northwest Fly Fishing
Fishing: North American Fisherman
Fishing: Marlin
Fishing: Fly Rod and Reel
Fishing: Fly Fisherman
Fishing: Florida Sportsman
Fishing: American Angler
Family/Travel - Seniors: Plus Magazine
Ethnic: Vista Magazine
Ethnic: The Irish American Post
Ethnic: Scottish Life
Ethnic: Native Peoples
Ethnic: Irish America
Ethnic: Hispanic
Ethnic: Filipinas
Disability: Arthritis Today
Cruise: Cruise Travel
Cruise: Cruise Industry News
Cruise Travel: Porthole Cruise Magazine
Conservation: Outdoor America
Bridal: Weddings by The Ritz-Carlton
Bridal: The Knot Weddings
Bridal: Seattle Bride
Bridal: Missouri Life
Bridal: Florida Weddings and Special Events Magazine
Bridal: Elegant Bride
Bridal: Destination Weddings and Honeymoons
Bridal: Bride's Magazine
Bridal: Bride and Groom Magazine
Bridal: Bridal Guide
Bridal: Arizona Bride
Boating: Yachting
Boating: Trailer Boats Magazine
Boating: Southern Boating
Boating: Sea Magazine
Boating: Sea Kayaker
Boating: Sailing World
Boating: Sailing
Boating: Sail
Boating: Rapid Magazine
Boating: Northern Breezes
Boating: Northeast Boating Magazine
Boating: Motor Boating
Boating: Latitudes and Attitudes
Boating: Lakeland Boating
Boating: Houseboat Magazine
Boating: HeartLand Boating
Boating: Go Boating
Boating: Cruising World
Boating: Canoe & Kayak Magazine
Boating: Canadian Yachting
Boating: Boating World
Boating: Boating Life
Boating: Boating
Bicycling: Mountain Bike
Bicycle: Bike Magazine
Bicycle: Bicycling
Bicycle: Adventure Cyclist
Arts: Southwest Art
Arts: Art & Antiques
Art: American Style
African-American: Sisterhood Agenda
African-American: Ebony