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McKenzie Media Promotion is an editorial placement service that generates high quality editorial coverage for companies in the USA and worldwide:

  • Adventure & Tour Companies

  • Hotels & Inns

  • Tourism Bureaus

  • General Travel

  • USA Local & National Events

McKenzie Media Promotion recently got Tower23 Hotel (San Diego) published in US News & World Report View


  1. News Release Distribution: We individually distribute your 500 word news releases and unique stories by email to 3000 travel editors and writers (see below) with two photos attached. If you do not have a news item to promote in any particular month, we will promote a story Idea, an editorial angle.

  2. We work on your behalf to facilitate publication of your important news, events, story ideas, and specials/packages: Sunday & daily newspapers, magazines, travel radio and through journalists.

  3. Same News Releases Online: Your news release sent to the media links to the online version with five photos/logo on McKenzie Media Promotion. We polish your information into press releases that are “publishable,” ready for print. 
    View Sample News Release

  4. Promote Your Accolades - Awards/Media Quotes: Editors are influenced by accolades and awards that you have received.

  5. Providing immediate and long term results, our publicity service can enhance your current marketing efforts or be used as a stand alone PR service. How are travel editors and journalists going to know about your business unless someone brings it to their attention?

 Media Distribution Outlets - USA & Worldwide (3,000 Media)


We market your business for one year to over 3000 travel editors & journalists throughout the United States and Worldwide (Online & Print):

  • Sunday Newspapers - USA & Worldwide (400)
    USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Central America, South Pacific, South America, Mexico, Africa

  • Daily Newspapers - USA  (1,300)

  • Travel Journalists - USA & Worldwide (2000) View Travel Journalists Categories

  • Travel Magazines (and magazines that regularly feature travel articles) - USA & Worldwide (150)

  • Travel Radio (74) View Travel Radio Shows

  • Travel Websites

  • Syndicates: ABC News, CBS News, CNN,, FOX News, Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times,, New York Times, Newsweek, Reuters, Associated Press, Time, U.S. News & World Report, UPI, USA Today, Washington Post, more.

  • Worldwide: Time Out reaches millions of people around the globe to bring their audiences a worldwide network of Travel Guides. View Time Out Worldwide


Rates are USD and include everything outlined above.


Multiple News Release Discounts: pay now to secure the discount then submit your news information whenever you are ready. Multiple News Release discounts are based on different releases.


All news release rates include 500 words, two photos.


Special Discounts Through January 19th, 2018

  • ONE News Release: $145.00 USD Less $10.00 = $135.00

  • TWO News Releases: $135.00 USD Each Less $20.00 (Total: $250.00)

  • THREE News Releases: $125.00 USD Each Less $30.00 (Total: $345.00)

  • FOUR OR MORE News Releases: $99.00 USD Each

Use our publicity service and we'll tell your story to the media in a concise way and place it in front of all the right people.


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