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New Zealand
Aroha New Zealand Tours

Aroha Luxury New Zealand Tour's forte lies in designing exclusive experiences that enhance the understanding and enjoyment of New Zealand. Trips are planned around each guest's specific interest, taste and preference, providing helpful tips and advice based on first-hand knowledge of the destination ...
England, Ireland, Scotland
Ramblers Tours
For over 25 years, Ramblers has excelled in providing authentic walking and hiking tours in England, the northwest coast in Scotland, and Wales. The company also offers customized trips for groups ...


Indus Travel
Indus Travels specializes in small group tours and independent vacations to over 50 worldwide destinations, featuring unbeatable prices with unparalleled comfort. The trips can be customized based on your needs, and each itinerary they create entails a careful balance between traveling, sightseeing and independent ...


Alpenwild is the leading North American tour operator offering hiking and walking tours in the Alps. With over 30 years of experience, they organize guided and custom tours that capture the inspiring scenery, cultural richness, and undeniable romance of the Alps. From gentle walks to challenging treks, from crossing Switzerland ...


Patagonia, Chile
Lost World Adventures
For over 30 years, Lost World Adventures has been offering the best of what the world has to offer. Travel specialists share their knowledge and experience and create innovative tailor-made tours that balance interests and desire for adventure and luxury. Our trip consultants are passionate about their destinations ...


Natural Habitat Adventures
Natural Habitat Adventures

The World's #1 Adventure Travel Outfitter, Outside Magazine. For over 28 years, Natural Habitat Adventures has led the way for nature enthusiasts seeking meaningful and intimate natural history and wildlife experiences. Expertly-crafted itineraries, small groups, and the world’s most knowledgeable guides ensure that we ...


Active Journeys
Active Journeys is offering Bike & Boat Adventures in Ireland, Scotland, Holland, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy and Spain with more than 28 different itineraries to choose from in 13 countries. Active Journeys has been organizing hiking, cycling and trekking worldwide for over 20 years. Explore ancient ruins and see ...
Tanzania, Africa
Thomson Safaris
Thomson Safaris Named One of the Top Safari Outfitters in the World in the Travel + Leisure 2017 World’s Best Awards Readers’ Survey. Tanzania is, and always has been, a safe and peaceful country. It’s often referred to as “the Switzerland of Africa.” Thomson Safaris has been sending travelers to Tanzania for more than 35 years ... 
Guadalupe Island, Mexico
Nautilus Explorer
Nautilus Explorer

Nautilus Explorer, a diving adventure company, offers Diving with Great White Sharks off Guadalupe Island, Mexico. The trips offer a rich and natural experience of shark encounters by descending down to 30 feet where great white sharks naturally spend their time (with 125 - 150 foot visibility). They don't need to use chum  ...
Wilderness Ireland Tours
Kerry is Ireland’s most acclaimed region. The incredible scenery, fascinating history and people form the perfect backdrop to this exciting Ring of Kerry hiking tour in the South West of Ireland. Guests summit two of Irelands highest peaks, Mount Brandon and Carrantuohill, part of the Ring of Kerry mountains. Travelers uncover ...