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Costa Rica
Women Traveling the World - Costa Rica Adventure
Women Traveling the World is offering a 7-day Costa Rica Adventure Tour where you can explore the Arenal area, surrounded by rain forest and overlooking the miraculous volcano. Enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Pacific Ocean and the famous Monteverde Cloud forest area. This eco-diversity destination is filled with beaches, national parks, animals, an inactive volcano, hot springs and so much more.   Join the ‘Pura Vida’ (“pure life”) nature and adventure tours for rejuvenating holidays. Indulge yourself in the hues of life that is vibrant yet tender enough to be absorbed within your ... 


Great India Festivals: Kumbh Mela & Jaisalmer Desert Festival

Asian Pacific Adventures is offering the Kumbh Mela & Jaisalmer Desert Festival from February 14 - March 1, 2019. Witness the Great Kumbh Mela where thousands of pilgrims come to bathe in the holy river.  Stay in luxurious tents with butler service on a hill overlooking the Kumbh Mela grounds. Guests will be fortunate enough to also attend the colorful desert festival in Jaisalmer with camel contests, music and dancing.  Revel in the shimmering desert sands of this golden city, ride a camel at sunset on the sand dunes and enjoy a jeep safari to a village nearby.

Costa Rica
Walking The World offers 11-Days in Costa Rica: Rainforests, Wildlife, Volcanoes, and Beaches
It’s hard to imagine that there can be such diversity in landforms and wildlife in such a small country. Proportionately, Costa Rica protects more of its land in parks and reserves than any other country in the world. Costa Rica’s parks shelter some of the planet’s most important examples of biological diversity, including 5 percent of all plant and animal species on Earth.   In addition to the amazing hikes on the walking tour adventure, guests will enjoy white water rafting with experienced local guides on the Rio La Balsa, an amazing unexplored world of tropical wilderness in a deep... 

Nepal: Hidden Annapurna Adventure with a Hindu Festival
Asian Pacific Adventures is offering an 18 Day journey to Nepal (Tour Dates: March 1 - 18, 2019) to savor the sights, sounds and takes of this Himalayan capital.  From the urban sprawl of Kathmandu to the magnificent  Himalaya, guests get a first-hand experience of Nepalese culture and wildlife in the Chitwan Jungles. Trip Highlights Explore Nepal from the high Himalayan peaks to the low jungle of the Terai. Meet the friendly ethnic people on a 9-day village to village hike in the gorgeous Annapurna Mountains. Immerse yourself in the color and chaos of Kathmandu & celebrate a lively ...  

What happens when some of the best world photographers visit Galapagos for 3 days

Andando Tours, a premier cruise company, is proud to share the breathtaking results of a group of world-class photographers that traveled to the Galapagos on one of its elite cruises.   Among the group of acclaimed photographers were Daniel Allen, whose work has been featured in numerous publications including National Geographic, the Guardian, and the Discovery Channel and Kurt Soderling, the director of aerial photography for films including Titanic, The Hunger Games, and Spider-Man. Over the three days of the project, the keen eyes and hard work of these ...  

Svalbard: Arctic Norway Tour - Land of the Ice Bear

Join Terra Incognita Ecotours as they spend ten days cruising the waters of Svalbard, Arctic Norway, in search of Polar bear, Walrus, Reindeer, Arctic fox, Whales and so much more. Sometimes you may see Beluga or Narwhal, even Orca’s.   The base for this amazing adventure is the beautifully restored M.S. Stockholm, a vessel that can navigate where big ships cannot go, and with only 12 guests you can enjoy an intimate experience. The itinerary changes each day in response to the weather conditions . The main objective is to find and photograph Polar bears, so guests will be cruising in the sea ice ...

Dragons, Drums & Art: Guizhou, China Tribes & Festivals
Asian Pacific Adventures is offering a 20 day tour to Guizhou, one of China’s most interesting and scenic provinces.   Back in the 1980s, the company pioneered Ethnic Minority study trips to Guizhou and Yunnan for UCLA Extension. Back then there were no flights and barely any roads. After decades the company owner is taking an exploratory tour back to Guizhou’s smaller villages to attend an intimate tribal festival before it disappears! Guizhou has been earmarked for major modernization.   Do Colorful Festivals and bamboo pipe (Lusheng) music excite you? Escape to arrive earlier ...e

New Zealand

10-Day Luxury Adventure New Zealand Sport Tour

Aroha Luxury New Zealand Tours is offering a ten-day luxury adventure New Zealand Sport Tour to the South Island. A trip designed for the thrill seeker, South Island in New Zealand hosts the purest natural landscapes in the country. The South Island's spectacular and beautiful landscape includes vast mountain chains, rugged coastlines, deeply indented fiords and lush rainforest. Aroha's forte lies in designing exclusive experiences that enhance the understanding and enjoyment of New Zealand. Trips are planned around each guest's specific interest, taste and preference, providing helpful ...


Women's Travel Club Small Group Women Only Tours

The Women’s Travel Club has been developed for women by women. The company offers innovative trips with the women traveler in mind. Their tours are a fun, safe opportunity for women who love to travel. The small group, women only tours consist of 10 to 15 women per tour and are lead by a Women’s Travel Club tour leader. The tours are designed specifically for the Women’s Travel Club. They offer more inclusions that women enjoy, including sightseeing, shopping, cuisine and wine. The majority of Women's Travel Club members are women who come to them as solo travelers ... 

Gujarat, Nepal  
17 Day Cultural Journey to India's westernmost state of Gujarat
Travel to India's westernmost state of Gujarat, along roads less traveled, to a mystical desert land filled with art and history, fascinating indigenous cultures and a unique fauna intrinsic to the region. Asian Pacific Adventures is offering a seventeen day tour to Gujarat, November 10 – 26, 2018 (8-day pre-tour Brahmaputra River Cruise available, 7-day post-tour Deluxe Nepal Adventure available). This is an exploratory journey to the remote realms of Gujarat – a hidden gem, unspoiled Assam and ever popular Nepal. Hand-painted mud huts, tribal women, designer sought after ...  

Morocco - Intentionally Lost

Small Group Cycling Vacation & Photography Tour in Morocco

If you ride a bicycle for enjoyment or adventure or if you practice or are learning photography, then you might appreciate these trips for cycling and photography enthusiasts organized by Intentionally Lost. The company is offering a 12-day small group cycling vacation and photography tour in Morocco, October 1 through 12, 2018. From the colorful and spice laden souks of Fes and Marrakech, to the expansive dunes of the Sahara, Morocco beckons visitors to experience her from the road. Ride through and photograph the blue city of Chefchaouen, Roman ...

Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctic Islands - Viva Expeditions

Viva Expeditions Your: Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctic Islands

Get an up close and personal appreciation for the challenge of taming the bottom of the world on Viva Expedition's 22-day adventure to the Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctic Islands. This is the land that captivated Shackleton and countless others since. On this journey, you’ll explore the Falkland Islands, encounter deserted whaling stations on South Georgia Island and pay your respects at Shackleton’s grave. Elsewhere, you’ll encounter king, chinstrap and gentoo penguins as well as learn all about them through daily lectures, get close to whales and playful seals ...

Intentionally Lost

Cycling Vacation for Photography Enthusiasts

Fully supported tours include moderate to challenging rides, photography stops in the morning or evening of each ride day, and rest days to shoot, relax, or review and edit images. All levels of photographers and riders are welcome. Do you ride a bicycle for enjoyment or adventure? Do you practice or are you learning photography? Then you might appreciate the Cycling Vacation for Photography Tours organized by Intentionally Lost. The question that led Kevin Wenning of Intentionally Lost to craft his custom tours is one you may have asked yourself ...

Tokoroa, New Zealand - Aroha New Zealand Tours

New Zealand Yoga and Wellness Tours

Aroha Luxury New Zealand Tours is offering a Yoga and Wellness Tour where guests practice yoga and meditation in stunning New Zealand locations. The focus of the tour will not only be on exploring what New Zealand has to offer, but also the fitness and well-being of each guest. Whether it be at the top of a mountain, a sunset beach or in native bush humming with bird song, there will be a connection of souls to Mother Nature at the deepest level ...

Patagonia, Chile - Lost World Adventures

Witness the 2019 Chilean Total Solar Eclipse

Lost World Adventures is offering a 6-day, 5-night trip to see the 2019 total solar eclipse in Chile from June 28-July 3, 2019. Travelers will begin in Santiago, then explore La Serena and the Elqui Valley, which falls directly beneath the eclipse's path of totality. This trip includes a visit to the Alma Observatory and discussions with local astronomical experts. Guests will also explore La Serena's golden coast, colonial architecture, and villages. The ...

New Zealand - Aroha New Zealand Tours

Aroha New Zealand Tours - 14 Day - Natural Habitat Tour

Aroha Luxury New Zealand Tours is offering a 14 Day - Natural Habitat Tour where guests encounter the wonder of the New Zealand's South Island's wildlife, amidst some stunning locations. Spectacular scenery includes mountains, glaciers, fjords, a coastal rain forest and remote islands. The rugged coastline of New Zealand embraces a land of topographic extremes, from seaside rain forests and volcanic craters to active glaciers and icy fjords. On this comprehensive itinerary, you are immersed in nature at its best and most spectacular. The following ...

International - Indus Travel

Indus Travel offers Unbundled Tours Worldwide

Unbundled Tours are small group trips designed by a talented team of travel planners. Providing more flexibility and options than ever, the Unbundled Tours include all the essentials of a group tour: international flights from major gateways in North America, airport transfers, all hotel accommodations with breakfast, and, major sightseeing in each destination. Not included are many optional tours, which you have the freedom to pick and choose as per your ...

England, Ireland, Scotland - Ramblers Tours

Guided Walking Tours to England, Ireland, Scotland

Ramblers Tours offers five of their most popular walking tours in 2018 featuring a new departure to Ireland and an extended Coast to Coast walk that can be done as a whole or split between two years. From its rolling ‘wolds,’ and tranquil lakes, to its rugged highlands and dramatic coastlines, the United Kingdom offers some of the most spectacular and idyllic country sides in the world. In 2018, Ramblers revives five of their most popular tours culled from ...

International - Natural Habitat Adventures

The World's #1 Adventure Travel Outfitter, Outside Magazine

For over 28 years, Natural Habitat Adventures has led the way for nature enthusiasts seeking meaningful and intimate natural history and wildlife experiences. Expertly-crafted itineraries, small groups, and the world’s most knowledgeable guides ensure that we live up to our promise of providing our guests with the very best wildlife and nature travel experiences in the world. In addition to our Galapagos tours cruises, Natural Habitat's trip offerings span from ...


Hiking Ireland's Ring of Kerry Mountains

Kerry is Ireland’s most acclaimed region. The incredible scenery, fascinating history and people form the perfect backdrop to this exciting Ring of Kerry hiking tour in the South West of Ireland. Guests summit two of Irelands highest peaks, Mount Brandon and Carrantuohill, part of the Ring of Kerry mountains. Travelers uncover the legend of Cú Chulainn and the giant as they explore the stories of the Dingle Peninsula. Evenings are enjoyed in cozy inns with ...